Welcome to my Traders Global Page...

Traders Global was created & established by Prince Zakai for the soul purpose of entertaining & educating traders around the globe. Traders Global offers unique tips, methods, and strategies for traders in Cryptos, Futures, Forex, and in Stocks Markets.

Traders Global is a private Facebook Group Page that delivers daily weekdays trades taken and their mythology explanations behind every trades. 

There are posts on account balance challenges videos and explanations on how this can be done. It also mentions how to deal with risks management, psychology, patience, and much more useful information. It talks about timeframes, indicators, trading platforms, and type of trades taken. It also tells why, how, and when a trade is executed and take profits.

Here's the link to Traders Global's Facebook Group Page: Prince Zakai's Traders Global Group.

I hoped to see you there for learning and teaching trading. Thank you...

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