US Boccia 2021 Regional Championship Tournament 


My name is Fawad Ahmed Zakai. I was born disabled with Cerebral Palsy. I am an athlete with USA Boccia. I have been with USA Boccia Team since 2009.

Through my participation in the Sport of Boccia I have adopted certain skills that given me the advantages in improving my lifestyle and as well as my performances in this sport.

To all who are interested in contributing to my trip to regional Championship Boccia Tournament for year 2021

Here are the breakdowns for this National Competitions:

Registration Fees:-

Includes: attending competitions for athlete, sport assistant, transportations to and from the venue, getting credentials, and meals provided by USA Boccia.

$850 - $950

Hotel Reservations per night:-


$110 - $115

Sport Assistant:

$110 - $115

Personal Care Assistant:

$110 - $115

The total costs would be around:--



As an athlete, I am humbly asking for you in hopes that you will support me, which would contribute to pursuit me in continuing my journey as a sportsmanship years to come. 

I need to raise money to cover the costs of the registration fees, out of State and out of US travel expenses, lodgings, uniforms, and meals. 

By making a donated contribution will not only help me to continue building my athletic career, but it would also assists me in reaching my ultimate goal; to represent The USA in the 2024 Paralympic for Boccia.

You can start your donations by choosing any methods below. Thank you.


Please click the above to donate using PayPal.


Name on Acct: Fawad A Zakai

Account#: 4111692272

Routing#: 211075086


When you login to your Venmo Account then search me by typing my name "Fawad Zakai". Then you can send your donations. Thank you.

It is very easy to contribute and support this event by sharing it with your friends and family on social medias and by forwarding this email campaign to them as well. Let us join our hands together to reach the goal for raising funds for my 2020 Boccia Tournament Events.

Thank you to those who has donated. 

Fawad A. Zakai