Greetings to All


I was born on the night of 5th of February; year 1975. It was a bitter cold night for my parents to drive to Crawford Long Hospital in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. There, my mother went into labor and i was born. 

All the doctors said; who were presented at the time, there were few complications that they had while at delivery. They said they were not sure if i would survive the next forty five hours or not. 

So, the next forty five hours were very crucial and all doctors and nurses constantly monitoring my health. I was discharged from the hospital after five days with great recovery.

They told my parents to monitor me and if any new symptoms arises they must come back to the hospital with me for a full medical check up

For the first eleven years i had multiple seizures and had multiple corrected surgeries on my body. 

At the age of one, the doctors diagnosed me of having Cerebral Palsy, Kyphosis, and Restrictive Lungs Disease.

At the time of birth, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck causing me not to be able to breathe for several minutes. All doctors, frantically try cutting the umbilical cord off from my neck, which they succeeded and revived me back to life.


I was living my live with issues and with complications that thrive me to become a better, smatter, over achiever person of who I am today. 

I was determined, dedicated, and discipline of what I want from live itself and of what goals I set out for. Despite of being disabled and not having an understanding of my conditions when I was young; it was very hard for me to set targets in what I want.

But as time flew and as I matured into my teens and adulthood; I then set out various goals and one by one miraculously achieve them.



I've attended Elementary School, High School, Under-grade (College), and also completed Graduated University with a 3.94GPA. I have earned two Bachelors' Degrees and two Masters Degrees. 

I also did an internship for few years at a private medical clinic as a Biller & Coder. 



I wanted to do something else in my life. I wanted to experience connection with people rather staying home. So, with this in mind; I set out searching on the web for my passions of what interests me.

I wanted to find out if there're any sports available for disabled people like me. It took me awhile to find kind of sports activity to actually take part in and develop a passion for it. 

I'm wheelchair bound for life and taking this into consideration, I came across two sports activities that interests me; Wheelchair Power Soccer and Boccia.

After doing intensive search and reading and discussion with my parents and sisters, I've chosen Boccia.

I've been playing Boccia since 2009. I've competed in Nationals, Regionals, and Internationals Tournaments and Competitions. I'm also classified as a BC3 Boccia Sportsmanship and ranked fifth in Nationals and ranked 18th in Internationals.



Alongside with Boccia; I started studying Day Trading Forex Currencies, Futures Contracts, Bitcoins, and few Stocks. I've had demo traded and practice day trading for over 14 years now. And for about a year now I've been live day trading them. But due to my disabilities and other circumstances I haven't master day trading to my expectations yet. Soon I'd get to that level Insha'Allah.

I've dedicated my energy, my time, and my money in learning how to day trade and swing trade professionally. But of course there were times I had losses and there were times I had wins.

During my learning curve in day trading, I random picked products from all markets and started trading them. I wasn't consistent and wasn't using proper strategies and methods. I just traded them blindly, going long; going short. And losing demo money along the way. 

I wasn't going to give up. This is what I wanted to do. This is my second passion. I wasn't in for making money from the market, I was in it for staying mentally active and also wanted to use my time proactively than wasting it. 

So, I've had read several day trading books, watched several YouTube videos about day trading and then developed my own strategies, analysis, and methods based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentimental analysis.

It took me many years to actually perfect my strategy in day trading and narrowed down to few products from each markets to focus on. 

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